Create Your Apothecary Healing Cards Now!


Hey MS Club Members!

I have always believed that even with the challenges of chronic illness you can continue to live a happy and fulfilled life. If you are able to go inward to access the things that made you excited and had you jumping for joy as a child, you can call forth those passions and allow them to be expressed, even as an adult, and yes, even as an adult with Multiple Sclerosis.

It is time to accept that this is something we didn’t choose, (you know, the club we didn’t ask to join!) and for the time being we can’t change it. I am not a pessimist. I believe there is a cure for Multiple Sclerosis on the horizon. But I am a realist. And for now, our job is to live as well as we can WITH the disease.

This year I am offering courses for those of you who want to grab a hold of your attitude   towards your MS and shake it into submission! be true
I have traveled around the world, mostly alone, gone back to graduate school, written a novel, and experienced many intrepid adventures all since I started having symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I have also spent many months using a wheelchair and/or cane. And I’m not saying this to toot my own horn or to say how great I am. I am simply saying maybe we can do more that we thought was possible when we were first diagnosed.

I am not going to tell you that positive thinking, journaling and art cured me or even got me out of the wheelchair. You and I both know that is silly and MS comes and goes as it wishes. (especially in RRMS) We’ve all had our days of marathon crying and sadness, but its not to late to focus on the things that make us emotionally strong.  


For years, I have been using Art as a form of healing in my personal and teaching arsenal. I have also been lucky enough, to have had some wonderful inspiring mentors who showed me how to access creativity as a tool. Now I feel a DEEP NEED to share the techniques I use with you, so that you can still live the life of your dreams! So it’s time to introduce you to my first course in the Art As Healing series.

Years ago when a person got sick, she didn’t go to the pharmacy to get pills out of a bottle, she went to her neighborhood apothecary. He mixed together just the right compounds, in just the right amounts and served her an individual cure.

The individual medicine I am offering you is a chance to create something that visually will remind you of how you want to live your life NOW. Who knows better than you what you need to heal emotionally?

The prompts encourage you to focus on a few key words each week as you use mixed media and journaling to make small (index sized) cards, that can inspire and motivate you throughout the year.

This self-paced course that comes directly to your email inbox, and offers art prompts, life lessons and words of encouragement.

There is also a community site that you are invited to join so that you can share your creations, and your feelings with others who are going through the same things.
But the idea isn’t simply to make pretty cards.
The reason we are doing this process is so that we can get in touch with our inner dialogue about having MS. And just as importantly, so that we have an opportunity to be with other creative, vibrant MSers who are determined to live their dreams despite chronic illness.

 That is why I am calling this course:
Create your Apothecary Healing Cards
Your set of 5 cards will allow you to explore themes like:
  • Acceptance -how you dealt with diagnosis and the simple fact that you have this condition
  • Dream Big – Finding that thing that seems unattainable and doing it anyway
  • Perseverance – How to keep going when going feels impossible
  • Purpose – exploring your mission in life, and what you need to do to achieve it .
  • Gratitude – Expressing gratitude for the things you still have.
How does it work?
Each week you will find a new prompt in you email inbox. You will learn to journal, meditate and use simple artistic techniques to help you get in touch with your feelings about life with Multiple Sclerosis.
Each week you will come away with a beautiful index sized card that you create. Based on the themes above, these cards can be used in many ways. On the refrigerator, on your nightstand or personal altar, or framed to dress you walls.
And as you know people with MS are some of the most supportive people in the world, so while you are doing the workshop you will have an opportunity to meet other MSers who are taking the course on our private Facebook group!
What will I receive?
  • 5 videos
  • 4 audio guided relaxation mp4 files
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • Membership in our special Orange Ribbon Studios community on Facebook
There is no charge for the course, so why not find out more about Art as Healing and make this the first step you take towards a new relationship with your MS.  
Be a fighter and a warrior.  Live life on your terms.
Come and join the Art as Healing movement and become a part of this dynamic, creative, healing community.

  The link below will take you to the registration form.

 YES! I Want to Try This Free Art as Healing Workshop!

See you in the Orange Ribbon Studio!


Love, Gypsyfay (Fay Guilian)

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