Take this free workshop for people with MS!




The Orange Ribbon Studio has launched its flagship course…and you can take it FREE!

Creating your own  Apothecary Healing Cards! 


It is a BIG DAY for Multiple Sclerosis and a BIG DAY for the Orange Ribbon Studio.  The first and only online studio of its type….exclusively for people who have Multiple Sclerosis and their families.

Want a place where you can talk about what it REALLY feels like to have MS? Not just the pains, or inconvenience, but the emotional journey that faces everyone who has Multiple Sclerosis?

This online 5 week workshop allows you to explore your own thoughts and your personal journey after diagnosis. Through art, imaging and journaling you are guided to give voice to the changed relationship you have with yourself and others. A little bit of art and writing and a whole lot of love and support is right around the corner. Sign up on May 27th and start anytime. Your community is waiting to hear from you.

Your set of 5 cards will allow you to explore themes like:

  • Acceptance -how you dealt with diagnosis and the simple fact that you have this condition
  • Dream Big – Finding that thing that seems unattainable and doing it anyway
  • Perseverance – How to keep going when going feels impossible
  • Purpose – exploring your mission in life, and what you need to do to achieve it .
  • Gratitude – Expressing gratitude for the things you still have.

What you will receive

  • 5 videos
  • 4 audio guided relaxation mp4 files
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • Membership in our special Orange Ribbon Studios community on Facebook

There is no charge for the course, so why not find out more about Art as Healing and make this the first step you take towards a new relationship with your MS.  

Be a fighter and a warrior.  Live life on your terms.

You will have 24/7 access to all the materials and prompts. The only question is:

Are you ready to take charge of your MS emotionally?


That’s right.  In fact, people who don’t think they have artistic talent are just the folks I love to work with. It’s all about exploring your feelings on paper, it’s not about showing how great your are at making art.  If you have never tried working through your emotions tied to having Multiple Sclerosis on paper…now is your chance to do it without judgement or fear.  We are all in this club together!

Come and join the Art as Healing movement and become a part of this dynamic, creative, healing community. 

Click the picture to get an early place in the course.


OrangeRibbon Studios (1)

See you in the Orange Ribbon Studio!

Love, Gypsyfay


(Fay Guilian)

Want to get started right away?

Simply click the picture above and you will receive the 5 week course – sent directly to your email box!


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